Staying Safe: Five Simple Ways to Make Sure You’re Always Safe on Site

3 June 2018

Here at Fussey Engineering…

Safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Indeed, we have a simple saying everyone in the company remembers…

And it’s actually based around the word safe:


Always First at



You can find out more about our approach to health and safety here.

With that saying in mind, if any of our staff ever notice anything that might raise a concern around safety—in the office, on our own site, or while out working on another site—they are encouraged to report it.

That way it can be sorted quickly and safely.

Plus, to help prevent issues arising in the first place, all of our team are briefed—and regularly updated—on ways to help maintain safety on site at all times.

Here we thought we’d share five simple things you can so to check to make sure you’re always operating on site in a safe and effective way too.

  • MAKE SURE EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO THE NECESSARY PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Having the right PPE is important at any time, but especially while we’re still facing the challenge of coronavirus. It’s important that as well as the usual safety equipment needed, you provide things like face masks and sanitiser too.
  • CHECK ALL EQUIPMENT IS IN WORKING ORDER BEFORE USE: The simple fact of the matter is, a lot of accidents happen on construction sites as a result of equipment failing. So, be sure all equipment to be used on site is tested beforehand to make sure it’s in working order. You don’t want someone discovering something isn’t working when they’re out on a job, or, worse, if they’re suspended at the top of a steel structure still being constructed.
  • KEEP THE SITE CLEAN AND CLEAR OF OBSTRUCTIONS: One of the most common causes of accidents on a work site arise from people being tripped up, knocked over or stuck between items on the site that shouldn’t be there. Making sure a site is safe means making sure the only things on it are only the things that need to be.
  • ENSURE EVERYONE IS AWARE OF THEIR ROLE AND THEIR PERSONAL SPACE: As well as making sure there isn’t unnecessary equipment or debris on site to obstruct people, you should also make sure team members onsite are aware of each other too. People need to be able to work in enough space without being crowded by others.
  • CARRY OUT AN ASSESSMENT OF THE SITE BEFORE YOU START WORK: Finally, before you carry out any work on site, it’s recommended you complete a thorough assessment of the site itself and identify where there might be challenges with moving equipment, accessing spaces to work or any other risks that might jeopardise the safety of those on site.

Take these five things on board and you’re sure to reduce the risk of accidents and injury on site.

Plus, you’ll find the work itself is able to be completed in a much more efficient and effective manner.

And, don’t forget, if there’s a structural steel project you need support on right now and you’re looking for a structural engineer you can trust to always carry out the work with safety as a priority…

Get in touch with us here at Fussey Engineering.

We’ll figure out exactly what support you need and how we can help you in the most effective and efficient way.As always, to talk about a project, just get in touch on 01469 540 644 or through our contact page here.

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