How Fussey Engineering Is Helping Reduce Flood Risk In The Future

3 August 2022

It’s been horrible to see so many stories of flooding in the news recently.

The unprecedented rainfall we’ve seen over the past few weeks and months has been disastrous.

For many communities and businesses, especially those hit the worse – in areas like Yorkshire and here in parts of Lincolnshire – it will take a long time to recover.

It’s why having strong flood defence systems in place is extremely important.

And it’s no wonder there are numerous projects already underway around the UK to prevent the same thing happening again.

Here at Fussey Engineering we’re proud to be involved in some of these initiatives ourselves, helping in some small way, to prevent such distressing scenes ever happening again.

For example, we’re really pleased to be involved in the new Boston Barrier Project…

Helping Protect 14,000 Properties In Boston

As part of this massive initiative, we’re supplying the vast bulk of structural steel for it.

More than 800 properties were flooded in the Boston area during the floods of 2013 and the project is designed to protect the area from heavy rain and flooding in the future.

Approximately £100 million is being invested…

And it’s estimated – once complete – the barrier will help protect a massive 14,000 properties.

It’s pretty impressive, right?

And for us, it’s great to be able to play a part in supporting such an important project.

But it’s not the only flood defence scheme we’re involved in…

Helping Protect 113,000 Properties In Hull

As well as helping to improve the flood defences in Boston, we’re also a contractor on the Humber Frontages scheme too.

This is a project designed to improve the flood defences on the Humber Estuary and help reduce the risk of flooding in Hull.

It’s estimated the completed defences will help reduce the risk of flooding for a massive 113,000 properties.

The project runs from St Andrews Quay to King Georges Dock and we’re helping by providing structural steel supports to the flood barrier wall.

It’s big job but we’re used to dealing with frontage projects likes this.

In fact, back in 2011 we worked on the Gainsborough Frontages too.

Surveys found the defences around Gainsborough weren’t up to task and needed to be improved – especially considering the fact the town is so low-lying and vulnerable to flooding.

Again, we helped by supplying the structural steel needed to reinforce the current defences and, thankfully, the project was a great success.

Wherever You Need Structural Steel

The fact is…

Wherever a project calls for structural steel, we’re the people you can rely on to support you.

If you’ve got a major project coming up, or you’re involved in planning for a new flood defence scheme and you’re looking for a contractor to help in supplying structural steel – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’ll work with you to make sure we’re able to provide the support and assistance you need to get the job done effectively, efficiently and safely.

As always, you can contact us via the website here or call direct on 01469 540 644 to speak to one of our team.

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