The structural steel fabrication process has a number of different elements to it that require expert knowledge throughout.

Good news is, here at Fussey Engineering, we have a highly experienced team of structural steel engineers who are fully qualified in fabrication and erection.

In fact, all of our fabricators and welders are coded to BS EN ISO9606-1:2017 as standard, so you can be confident the team on your project know exactly what they’re doing.

Indeed, as well as having the specialist knowledge needed to safely and accurately fabricate any steel structure, we also have a huge 700 square metre work area here in North Lincolnshire.

We have a range of material handling options, including a 5 tonne overhead crane in the workshop, 2 No. 5 Tonne Forklift trucks, a 10 Tonne Gantry Crane and a 14 Tonne mobile crane allowing us to handle large capacity material safely.

It means we’re able to fabricate many parts of a structure here on site, which make things much easier.

It helps us minimise disruption on your site and, often, it helps us to speed up the erection process. That said, safety is always our first priority when it comes to any structural steel fabrication project.

So, if you’re looking for support on a structural steel fabrication project and need help with any element, from fabrication to erection, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to work out an estimate for you.

You can get in touch on 01469 540 644 or through our contact page here

Once you’re happy with our estimate, here’s the typical process we follow on any structural steel fabrication project…

Drawing up the plans

Of course, any project really starts with the idea itself.

You might already have a strong idea of the type of structure you’re looking for, or you might want some guidance on what is possible.

Either way, our team is here to help you realise whatever it is you want to construct and will work to get the idea squared away, however simple or complicated it might be.

At this stage, we’ll also be working on drawing up the plans for the building too, unless you have your own plans prepared, in which case we can work to those accordingly.

Once everyone is happy with the plans, it’ll be a case of creating what are known as “shop drawings”.

These provide the crucial detail about all the parts that will need to be fabricated. They show how the assembly of different pieces will work and all the parts needed are specified and coded accordingly.

Once plans are finalised and the shop drawings done, we come to the more physical stages.

Cutting and construction

Depending on the needs of the specific project, at this stage all the different pieces of steel will be prepared.

First, any cutting and drilling is done to the various steel beams that are required.

Then each piece is marked with a unique component identifier to help in the final construction and erection.

Those pieces that can be assembled prior to erection will be put together at this stage, with the fabrication team taking care to make sure all the assembled parts of the structure are accurate, and in accordance with the original drawings.

Being ISO9001 and CE mark accredited, we offer full traceability of our products from each individual component (section size / steel grade) to the finished assembly (fabricator / welder / welding consumable / Non Destructive Testing)

We can offer any specialised surface treatment to your specification including galvanising, primed or full paint treatment and intumescent paint.

It naturally depends on each specific project, but once as much of the assembly as can be done on our site is completed, the component parts (or the entire structure) will be prepared for shipping to where it needs to go.

Once at the destination, our erection team will get to work on installing the structure and bringing together any component parts that are yet to be assembled.

Throughout the entire erection process, our team will make sure everything is carried out in accordance with the required standards and that the structure is finished to the highest quality.

And there you have it, the fabrication and erection process is complete and your steel structure will be safe and secure.

To take a look at some of the structural steel projects we’ve fabricated in the past, and how varied they can be, you might find it useful to check out our case studies page.

You can view that by clicking here.

And, as always, if there’s a structural steel project you need support on right now and you’re looking for a structural engineer you can trust, get in touch with us here at Fussey Engineering.

We’ll figure out exactly what support you need and how we can help you in the most effective and efficient way.As always, to talk about a project, just get in touch on 01469 540 644 or through our contact page here.