From Sketch to Site: How Fussey can help you through any and all stages of a structural steel project

3 October 2019

As you know, any structural steel building project involves a great deal of work that crosses a number of different disciplines.

The journey from sketch to site can be a long one.

From making sure plans themselves are accurate to fabricating the structural steel in the right way to ensuring all the component parts are fitted together securely…

There is much to consider and many opportunities for problems to arise.

The good news is, here at Fussey Engineering, we’re able to work on any structural steel project with you from start to finish to make sure any and all obstacles are overcome.

Indeed, we can help take any idea you might have all the way from sketch to site and support you through every element.

Structural fabrication drawings

First, we’re able to step in at the very earliest stage to provide structural fabrication drawings for you.

We will use experienced draughtsmen to provide all the drawings and detail you need to all the correct specifications.

We can even supply you with 3D model erection drawings so you can really get a sense of the project you’re working on.

Crucially, we can adapt and develop these drawings for you throughout the project. That way we can help overcome any unforeseen challenges that crop up and adjust things accordingly.

Structural fabrication and welding

Second, we can take the drawings we create for you to the next natural stage and manufacture the structural steel you actually need.

We have an extremely experienced team of craftsmen who are able to fabricate and weld structural steel to almost any specification.

And it’s important to point out that all of our fabricators and welders are coded to BS EN ISO9606-1:2013.

The vast majority of fabrication work we do is able to be carried out on our 700m2 site here at our base in North Lincolnshire but we’re able to distribute to anywhere in the country.

Structural steel finishing

We can finish your structural steel for you too.

Whether it’s structural steel we’ve fabricated ourselves here at Fussey Engineering, or if you’ve organised fabrication with a different supplier for a particular project, it’s no problem.

We work with trusted structural steel finishing experts to make sure any and all treatments that are necessary are done properly.

Structural steel erection

Finally, we’re able to complete the job and erect your structural steel project wherever and whenever it needs building.

We have a hugely qualified erection team with decades of experience on hand to bring your project to life.

Safety leads the way in everything we do here at Fussey Engineering and that is especially the case when it comes to structural steel erection.

We will always carry out a full site inspection and ensure all the work carried out is done in the right way.

It’s worth pointing out too…

As well as being able to help support you on a project all the way from sketch to site, we can easily adapt and work with other companies to step in at any of these stages in isolation as well.

For example, if you already have your drawings but need the steel fabricating, that’s no problem. We can just do the fabrication.

Or, if you already have structural steel being supplied from elsewhere and just need to hire the erection team, we can arrange that too.

Whatever your structural steel need, here at Fussey Engineering we’re ready to help you.

All you need to do is get in touch and let us know what you need doing.

We’ll figure out exactly what support you do need and how we can help you in the most effective and efficient way.

As always, to talk about a project and get a competitive quote, just get in touch on 01469 540 644 or through our contact page here.

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