Employee of the Year 2020: Congratulations to Our Very Worthy Winner

3 December 2020

For many, 2020 is a year they’re happy to have said goodbye to.

It was a strange and often saddening year that challenged everyone, both here at Fussey Engineering and all around the UK.

But, before we say goodbye to 2020 completely, we do want to share one happy piece of news about the year.

You see, to recognise the hard work our staff have put in over the year in the face of such challenges, we launched our first ever Employee of the Year award.

We invited everyone in the office to vote for the person they thought deserved the honour and the results have all now been collected and calculated.

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the Employee of the Year Award for 2020 is…

Drum roll please…

It’s Abbie Bloomfield.

Abbie has been an absolute superstar all year and some of the comments and feedback we received about her make that very clear.

One voter said they chose Abbie “for her unfailing enthusiasm, willingness, and most of all her cheeriness.”

Another said:

“…she’s always got a smile on her face, very welcoming and friendly.”

And one pointed that she has…

“…really come into her own this year, been positive, calm under pressure and has risen to the challenge.”

She certainly has risen to the challenge and it’s a pleasure to award her this honour.

Indeed, as well as the title of Employee of the Year itself, Abbie also receives a £200 Marks & Spencer voucher.

Well done, Abbie.

Of course, all of our staff have been fantastic this year, and from all the votes we collected, we had a very popular runner up too.

So, as well as honouring Abbie, we also want to say a big thank you to Kye Robinson too.

As well as the second-place honour, he receives his own £50 voucher.

One voter said Kye deserved the kudos because:

“…he is an all-round diamond geezer and makes me laugh out loud a lot. I never really see him moan and he always just gets on with the job.”

As we find ourselves in a new year—and in many ways still facing the same challenges—it’s good to know that we have Abbie and Kye on the team, helping to support our clients and make sure we deliver the best service we can.

Remember, whatever your structural steel need, here at Fussey Engineering we’re here to help you.

All you need to do is get in touch and let us know what you need doing.

We’ll figure out exactly what support you do need and how we can help you in the most effective and efficient way.

As always, to talk about a project and get a competitive quote, just get in touch on 01469 540 644 or through our contact page here.

And when you get in touch, if you happen to speak to Abbie or Kye, be sure to congratulate them on their much-deserved awards.

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