Project Description


    Pipe Flange & Weld Stiffener Frames

    Project Objective

    The project scope was for a new 2500mm Dia Outfall Pipe to be submerged on the West Coast of England in the Irish Sea. The methodology was to float the pipe into position and fill the pipe with sea water to gradually submerge it onto the sea bed. This operation would put a load of stresses into the pipe flanges and welds.

    What We Did

    We developed a 3D Model From the clients designs. Following client approval we fabricated 6 no. 2500mm diameter x 6000mm long clamps each stiffened with 4 no. UC 305 x 305 x 97. Each Clamp was fabricated in 2 halves to clamp over pipe flanges and welds to provide the additional stiffening required while the pipe was being submerged.

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