stacked steel

What are the different steel grades and what do they mean?

When it comes to understanding the different types of steel available, things can get very complicated, very quickly. But don’t worry. For the vast majority of situations, you can actually keep things pretty simple. In fact, here at Fussey Engineering, we predominately use only two different types of mild steel, known as S275 and S355 – we’ll explain what those codes mean in a moment. But first, why are there so many different grades of steel? Why are there so many steel grades? There are [...]


Major Breakthrough for Northern Line Extension as Tunnelling Machines Reach Final Destination

Tunnelling work completed as boring machines break through at Kennington. Two 3.2km tunnels have been created from Battersea to Kennington, via Nine Elms. Northern Line Extension will support around 25,000 new jobs and more than 20,000 new homes. Fussey Engineers were faced with the challenge of completing the steelwork structure erection and do a hand over to the fit out team. We are proud to announce that our team lead by Karim Djerdi, Senior Engineer and Package Manager, had a special mention In [...]


How Safety Drives Everything We Do At Fussey Engineering

Health and safety has never been more important in the workplace than it is today. That is especially the case in industrial workplaces, where there is a greater amount of hazardous materials and a wider use of heavy machinery. It’s why – here at Fussey Engineering – safety drives everything we do. For us, that means more than just paying lip service to rules and regulations…we tackle every project with safety front and centre in our minds. We even have a slogan designed [...]