How We Identify & Control Welding Fumes

Customers of Fussey Engineering will know that we take the management of welding fume risks very seriously. We know that exposure to such fumes can result in the onset of asthma, pneumonia, cancer and other medical conditions. And we comply with the legislation, taking essential measures for the identification and control of fumes. Keep on reading as we detail our comprehensive approach to this important safety issue. Risk profile The Fussey Engineering team is often required to use welding techniques in [...]

Confined roof space

How Fussey Engineering Limit the Risks of Working in Confined Spaces

Customers of Fussey Engineering will know that we take health and safety extremely seriously. However, there are some relatively high-risk projects that require us to work in confined spaces. Such spaces are considered safe enough for our team members to work within for limited amounts of time. But they may pose an increased risk due to the possibility of contact with hazardous substances, poor ventilation, and atmospheric pressure. There might also be some difficulty when it comes to rapidly vacating [...]


Covid-19 Update: How We’re Continuing to Make Sure Our Staff, Clients and Visitors All Remain Safe

Coronavirus continues to present an enormous challenge to every business in the UK. And that is certainly the case in the engineering industry. Here at Fussey Engineering, ever since the pandemic began back in March this year, we have done all we can to operate in line with the guidance provided by the government. At all our times, our priority is to protect our staff, our clients and our visitors to make sure they feel safe and secure. While we are based in [...]


Staying Safe: Five Simple Ways to Make Sure You’re Always Safe on Site

Here at Fussey Engineering… Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Indeed, we have a simple saying everyone in the company remembers… And it’s actually based around the word safe: Safety Always First at Fussey Engineering You can find out more about our approach to health and safety here. With that saying in mind, if any of our staff ever notice anything that might raise a concern around safety—in the office, on our own site, or while out working on another site—they are encouraged to report [...]