How Safety Drives Everything We Do At Fussey Engineering

1 June 2018

Health and safety has never been more important in the workplace than it is today.

That is especially the case in industrial workplaces, where there is a greater amount of hazardous materials and a wider use of heavy machinery.

It’s why – here at Fussey Engineering – safety drives everything we do.

For us, that means more than just paying lip service to rules and regulations…we tackle every project with safety front and centre in our minds.

We even have a slogan designed around the very word safe:


Always 1st



You’ll see this motto displayed throughout our own workplace.

It serves as a constant reminder to our entire team, working here at our base in Lincolnshire. It’s a philosophy we even carry through to our backroom team too.

And of course, safety is never more important than when our engineers are away working on your site, installing our designs and materials.

Safety is a priority in every part of our steel fabrication process – from design, through manufacturing, all the way to installation.

Thanks to this sharp focus on safety, we’re able to ensure all of our work is always carried out to the highest level of quality and professionalism.

Whether it’s a project for sea defence, the transport networks or the building and construction industry, we’re always planning how we can deliver to the highest specification in the safest way.

Safety first since 1972

Established in 1972, our decades of experience in the structural steel industry have taught us every job is different.

We understand each client has a specific set of needs – especially when it comes to safety.

We know when installing any steel structure on site – small or large, simple or complex – the challenges are always unique.

It’s why we believe it’s so important to have safety at front and centre at all times.

For every project, we carry out a full risk assessment, analysing where there may be any potential installation problems, so we’re able to eliminate them before work goes any further.

If we’re required to take care of installation on a project, as well as handling the design and manufacture, regardless of the size or complexity of a project, we always make sure our erection gangs know what needs doing, when it needs doing and how it should be done to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

Like our motto says:

Safety Always 1st Fussey Engineering.

Get in touch and see for yourself

If you have a structural steel project you need to consult on, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can call on 01469 540 644 and a member of our estimation team will be on hand to advise.

We’re experienced in providing structural steel solutions for sea defences, transport links (including the London Underground) and building, warehouse or factory access.

And we cover all elements of steel fabrication, including painting and cladding – if your project requires it.

So, whether you’re in need of design, manufacture, installation or all three – we can help.

Contact us on 01469 540 644 to discuss your steel fabrication project today.

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