How Fussey Engineering Limit the Risks of Working in Confined Spaces

3 May 2021

Customers of Fussey Engineering will know that we take health and safety extremely seriously. However, there are some relatively high-risk projects that require us to work in confined spaces.

Such spaces are considered safe enough for our team members to work within for limited amounts of time. But they may pose an increased risk due to the possibility of contact with hazardous substances, poor ventilation, and atmospheric pressure. There might also be some difficulty when it comes to rapidly vacating such a space in the event of an emergency.

We limit such risks by taking the types of safety measures covered in this blog.

The Considerable Risks of Confinement

There are a range of instances in which our steel workers may be required to enter confined spaces. Projects may call for the access of manholes, crawl spaces, incinerators, or HVAC ducts. Without appropriate safety measures there would be a considerable risk of serious injury and death.

Suitable safety equipment must be used due to the risks associated with significant changes in the intake of oxygen. Other dangers include exposure to poisonous gases, fire or explosions due to the build up of flammable gases, and workers being caught in equipment. There are also a number of fatalities that result from failed attempts to rescue co-workers from confined spaces.

Essential Safety Measures

Given the variety of risks we advise our engineers against entering confined spaces wherever possible. However, the risks must be assessed and a safe system of work followed where there is no alternative to working within such a space.

Access may be permitted to workers who have undergone suitable training and been deemed competent for confined work. A permit must also be shown where there is the potential for exposure to a hazardous atmosphere or asphyxiation due to converging walls, downward sloping floors, and other factors.

Having gained construction skills certification (CSCS) and completed safety passport training our steel erectors are fully aware of the risks associated with work in confined spaces. However, they have proven their ability to adapt to tight access projects; making safe use of equipment for the purposes of construction.

Our Commitment

Fussey Engineering prioritise the continued safety of our own team and any other individuals with site access. Working in partnership with Henderson Risk Management, we adopt a safety-first approach to avoid accidents, keep the workforce safe, and avoid wasted costs and delays to projects.

The health and safety of staff, contracting partners and clients will always be central to the work carried out by Fussey Engineering. If you’d like to discuss an aspect of our safety management program or book us in for a steel fabrication project then give us a call on 01469 540644.

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