Fussey Engineering Invest In New Welding Extraction System

9 April 2021

Fussey Engineering consider the health and wellbeing of our steel-working team to be of the highest priority. We achieved the prestigious CE marking back in 2014; with our suitably qualified and experienced welding co-ordinator taking responsibility for overseeing all welding operations and processes. And we’ve maintained our commitment to health and safety, arranging for Fumex Ltd to install a new welding extraction system.

A System for Enhanced Safety

Fitted over the course of 4 days, the new welding extraction system has been purpose-made for protection against airborne particles, fumes, and hot gases produced during the welding process. It features extended flexi-crane arms and a high-performance centrifugal fan for the immediate capture and safe redistribution of welding fumes into the atmosphere. You can see pictures of the new system in the gallery below.

Designed for the assurance of welding safety, the new system is guaranteed to minimise the risk of harmful inhalation associated with the onset of lung cancer, kidney cancer, asthma, and other serious health conditions. It will also mitigate the risk of hypersensitive pneumonitis, which the HSE have said is a “serious and irreversible respiratory illness, [that occurs] as a result of occupational exposure to welding fumes and metalworking fluid over a long period.”

The fitting of this system demonstrates our commitment to legal compliance; ensuring that effective engineering controls are put in place for the control of fumes arising from steel welding activities. It comes after the release of the updated enforcement expectations for mild steel welding fume, applying to all workers within the steel fabrication industry. The installation adds to our confidence in passing HSE inspections due to be carried out later in 2021.

An Expert Installation

We were delighted with the high level of professionalism shown by the experienced Fumex team. They gave us a detailed explanation, with testing being carried out to ensure effective operation of the new system.

We will be continuing to work with Fumex, with regular testing and maintenance work being arranged for continued compliance with relevant health and safety legislation. We will also continue to provide our steel-welding team with respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for the limitation of risk from residual fumes.

Choose Fussey Engineering for Steel Welding

With expert steel welders being employed to work across a variety of projects, Fussey Engineering is able to guarantee the utmost efficiency and reliability. All of our steel welders are coded to BSEN ISO9606-1:2013, ensuring full qualification in line with industry standards. With the welding extraction system in place, we are more confident than ever of producing steel fabrications of the highest standard. Email info@fusseyengineering.com or phone 01469 540644 for more information about our steel fabrication services.

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