Factors to Consider When Searching for Structural Steel Fabricators

8 December 2020

Whether it’s a major project…

Or even if it’s just a small job…

When you’re looking for structural steel fabricators to provide the structural steel you need, there are a number of factors you should always consider.

Naturally, here at Fussey Engineering, we hope that we will always be the structural steel fabricators you choose to use.

But still, even if for some reason you choose not to use us, we thought it would be helpful here to outline the considerations should give before selecting any structural steel fabricator to work with.

We’ve broken it down into four simple things to think about:


First up, there’s the issue of experience. It might seem obvious, but the more experienced a structural steel fabricator you’re able to use, the better.

You want to be sure the structural steel fabricator you select has worked on a variety of different builds and that they have experience of being able to adapt to different situations and set ups.

For example, we’ve been in the business of structural steel fabrication for over forty years now and have experience of working across a huge number of industries on a huge variety of projects.

It’s this experience that helps us better help you if you ever hit a hiccup.

So, always look to make sure the structural steel fabricator you go with has put the years in.


Technically, we should perhaps make this the first point. It is especially the case here at Fussey Engineering that safety comes first in everything we do. It should be the case with any structural steel fabricator you choose to hire too.

Any company you look to use for structural streel fabrication should not only have a clear understanding of health and safety and its importance, but they should make it clear to you that they do.

For example, we have a page dedicated to it on our website here and whenever any of our clients visit our offices they’ll see safety notices throughout.


Just because a certain structural steel fabricator is the closest one to you by location, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right company for the job.

You’ll often find the work of structural steel fabricators take them all over the country and often a firm will have very good logistics set up to allow them to fabricate and supply structural steel quickly to sites situated all across the country.

So, when it comes to seeking out the right structural steel fabricator for you, don’t just go with the first local option.

Speak to the firm about their logistics and how quickly and easily they can supply you. For example, though we’re based in North Lincolnshire, many of our clients are in London.

  1. COST

Obviously, cost is a major issue in choosing a structural steel fabricator to work with. Some will naturally be more expensive than others, while some might seem like a great bargain.

However, though one firm might seem cheaper, it might be that you’re not getting the same know-how you might from a more expensive firm. If you later run into problems or need some particularly complicated changes making during fabrication, the cheaper firm might not be able to help.

For that reason, always be sure to understand exactly what service and support is included in the quote you receive and consider the extra value you might get above and beyond the fabrication of the structural steel itself.

And there you have it—four simple things to consider, but in doing so, you’ll undoubtedly find the right structural steel fabricator for the job.

Of course, if there’s a structural steel fabrication project you need support on right now and you’re looking for a structural engineer you can trust to always carry out the work with safety as a priority…

Get in touch with us here at Fussey Engineering.

We’ll figure out exactly what support you need and how we can help you in the most effective and efficient way.As always, to talk about a project and get a competitive quote, just get in touch on 01469 540 644 or through our contact page here.

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